KCPR Radio Alumni: 1999 Audio

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KCPR Alumni Weekend: May 1, 1999

During the weekend, alumni from the 1970s to the 1990s took airshifts on KCPR. Their names are listed underneath the tapes. If you know others, please edit this page and add them.

Each of these airchecks runs about 75 minutes. Since they include a lot of music, they are posted to a password protected area. Write harold@hallikainen.org for the current username and password.

  • Tape 3, mp3, flac
  • Tape 4, mp3, flac
  • Tape 5, mp3, flac

    • 0:00- : Paul Jacobus (late 1970s):

      • 0:00-0:45: Paul talking to Frank Thomas (1976-1980) and Jerry Peek (1977-1981).
  • Tape 6, mp3, flac
  • Tape 7, mp3, flac

    • 00:00-43:00: Russ Sharer (a.k.a. Russ James, 1976-1980), his daughter and son

      • ~10:30-12:00: remembers Keith Wien
      • ~19:30: remembers Weird Al Yankovic, plays studio version of "My Bologna"
    • 44:20- : ??, with D.J. Taylor (1992-1995)
  • Tape 8, mp3, flac

    • 00:00- : A group of alumni from the early 1990s
  • Tape 9, mp3, flac

    • 09:45-20:00: Tornado
    • 23:45-52:00: Jerry Peek (1977-1981)

      • 25:43-26:24: Jerry reminisces and introduces KCPR Christmas special
      • 26:25-29:00: start of Christmas special: John Furtado (DJ), Christy Kuehler (the kid), Weird Al Yankovic (himself), "Bicycle Bob" Latson (DJ) (NOTE: the entire 25-minute Christmas special is on the KcprAudio1979 page.)
      • 31:44- : more of Christmas special: Al Yankovic, Jerry Peek (as narrator), Christy Kuehler, Jerry Peek (as himself), someone standing in for John Furtado, Russ Sharer (station manager)
      • 38:59-42:10: more Christmas special: Christy Kuehler, Brian Hackney (as Ronald Coleman), Jerry Peek (as Santa Claus), Al Yankovic, Jerry Peek (as himself), John Mack Flanagan (from KCPR ID production), Russ Sharer
      • 42:31-45:03: Weird Al's My Bologna, original recording from "Studio 229" (bathroom)
      • 49.07-49:55: Jerry introduces 1979 KCPR Auction cut
      • 49:55- : KCPR auction 1979 cut: Keith Wien, Frank Thomas, Russ Sharer, Jerry Peek, Donna Pangburn, Brian Hackney
    • 52:43-end: Kristy Duncan (1989-1991)
  • Tape 10, mp3, flac

    • 0:00- : Kristy Duncan (1989-1991)
    • ~8:00- : Wesley Greaves (sp?)

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