KCPR Radio Alumni: 1979 Audio

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  • LittleOrphanAmy - Little Orphan Amy, a radio drama
  • Brian Hackney's interview with Weird Al - On a Saturday morning in November, 1979, as part of a newscast, Brian interviewed Al about an upcoming TV appearance after My Bologna's success.
  • 1979 Christmas Special - Station staff drive a young listener to the North Pole (up US 101 in Weird Al's Belvedere) to see Santa Claus. Cast includes: Russ Sharer as Station Manager... Christy Kuehler as The Kid... Brian Hackney as himself and Ronald Coleman... Weird Al Yankovic as himself... John Furtado as "Sunday by Request" host and himself (a stand-in played John later in the program when he couldn't be at the taping)... Bicycle Bob Latson as himself... Jerry Peek as the narrator, himself, and Santa Claus. (15.2 Megabytes, length 24:52)

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