The PhpWiki:SemanticWeb implementation follows closely the semediawiki implementation. It features:

  • Annotation of article-article-links by means of configurable relations (link-types).
  • Annotation of articles with simple data-values that are assigned to configurable attributes.
  • Support for using physical units of measurement in all numerical attributes, without need for prior configuration.

The annotation data will be combined with annotations from the current category system to generate standard-compliant OWL/RDF output, which can be fully processed with tools that support OWL DL or OWL Lite, but which can also be treated in a meaningful way by software that supports RDF, RDFS or XML.


Relations (link-types) are defined as link with the following markup syntax:



Attributes are defined as link with the following markup syntax:


Attributes and relations refer only to the current page - the current page is the subject, the relation the predicate, the linked page the object in a RDF triple. Relations always refer to another page - they must not exist. Attributes not, since they are numeric only.

With the SemanticSearch feature you can query online simple and complex facts.

You can import and export lists of facts or queries, as format rdf, rdfs, owl.


Sample taken from, see also San Diego

San Diego [is_a::city] located in the southwestern corner of
[California|located_in::California], the extreme southwestern corner of the
[United States|country::United States]. It is the county seat of San Diego
County. As of the 2000 census, the city had a total population of
[1,223,400|population:=1,223,400]; as of 2005, the California Department of
Finance estimated the city to have 1,305,736 residents. The city is the
second-largest in California and the seventh-largest in the United States and is
noted for its temperate climate and many beaches.

According to the United States Census Bureau, the city has a total
area of [963.6 km˛|area:=963.6 km^2] (372.0 mi˛). 840.0 km˛ (324.3
mi˛) of it is land and 123.5 km˛ (47.7 mi˛) of it is water.
The total area is 12.82% water.

Most notably, San Diego is the location of the 2005 International
Symposium on Wikis 2005, and the San Diego Zoo, and the San Diego

<?plugin SemanticRelations ?>

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