KCPR Radio Alumni Wiki: Adding Pages

Here are some things to know before you add pages:

  • This website,, has three parts. You can make changes to two of those parts: the wiki and the gallery. There's more info in AboutKcprAlumniWebsite.
  • Before making any changes, please log in. The wiki and the gallery are separate software packages, so each has its own login system -- but you can use the same user ID and password on both the wiki and gallery. The best user ID is made of your first and last names, capitalized, with no space between -- like JerryPeek. Any changes made by un-logged-in users may be deleted without notice (because we can't notify someone who's unidentified).
  • Before you add a new page, please check whether there's already one like it! Start from the HomePage and browse through the categories. Use the FindPage box (at the top of every wiki page) and, if that doesn't help, try a FullTextSearch from the next page. If you find an existing page that you can edit, please see the editing instructions below under "To edit a page".

If you don't find a similar page to edit, then:

  1. Choose a new page name made of at least two capitalized words with no space between (like JerryPeek or AboutKcprAlumniWebsite).
  2. Edit some other page on the wiki and add a sentence or paragraph there that describes your new page. Somewhere within that description, use the new page name. This will become the link to your new page.
  3. After you save those edits, you'll see a questionmark (?) next to the new page name. Click it to create the new page.

To edit a page:

  1. Click the "Edit" button and follow some simple editing rules. (Here are more details.)
  2. If you change your mind, simply click your browser's "back" button to return to the unedited page.
  3. Once you're happy with your edits, please describe them in the "Summary" box at the bottom (which makes it easy for other people to know what the change is about).
  4. Remember to click the "Save" button!